Queen Of Pentacles As Feelings

Queen Of Pentacles As Feelings: Tarot Meanings (2022)

The Queen of Pentacles is a wealthy woman that represents security, comfort, and an abundance of material success. It describes a strong sense of confidence and a powerful personality. 

However, interpreting the Queen of Pentacles might be more difficult when it comes to feelings. Here’s everything you need to know about the Queen of Pentacles as feelings so you can be better equipped to understand this card in tarot readings. 

What’s Queen Of Pentacles? 

The Queen of Pentacles is a beautiful queen sitting on a throne, with symbols of money and material success, like lush greenery and flowers, all around her. She is wearing a red robe and a green cape, cradling a single pentacle in her lap. A nurturing smile is on her face.  

This minor arcana card is under the element earth, under the earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, which is associated with the physical and material world. 

In a tarot reading [1], words like abundance, nurturing, and caring are often the first to come to mind. This card is a reminder that having these qualities will nurture a strong relationship. 

The Queen Of Pentacles As Feelings 

Upright Queen of Pentacles 

The Queen of Pentacles upright can be interpreted as a person who feels very nurturing of you. They feel very generous towards you, whether with money or other material things. 

For those singles or looking for new relationships, the Queen of Pentacles in an upright position represents feelings of positivity about a budding relationship. This person puts in hard work to give you his best foot forward. 

Those in long-term relationships will find that the Queen of Pentacles tarot card is used to signify the generosity of someone who wants to give you everything in the material world. The Queen of Pentacles generally indicates a happy, stable relationship, especially if you are considering moving forward, whether that’s a commitment, marriage, or family. 

For people asking about an ex or an old flame, consider the Queen of Pentacles tarot card a great omen! This court card symbolizes that you were an important part of their life. If you were hoping for a reconciliation, they are coming to terms with what they have lost, so expect them to reach out soon. 

Reversed Queen of Pentacles

Drawing a Queen of Pentacles reversed from a tarot deck symbolizes someone who covets the abundance of others. It is someone who feels self-conscious, insecure, and constantly jealous and possessive that you’ll leave them for someone else. [2

The Queen of Pentacles reversed can also embody someone who gets into relationships for all the wrong reasons, whether money, status, or simply not wanting to be alone. They have plenty of inner work to do before they reach a point where they’re open to genuine love. 

For singles looking for love, this other person feels lacking and self-conscious about what they can give you. Often, they project these insecurities onto you. These are the type of people who need to work on themselves, so they can be fully open to love. 

The Queen of Pentacles tarot card in a reversed position for people in long-term relationships can be someone who is projecting a false self onto you. They also would be quite selfish when it comes to meeting your needs. 

If you drew the Queen of Pentacles tarot card in reverse regarding an old flame, know that they are worried that you will never return to them. While they long for reconciliation, they believe they cannot match up to the success of everyone else around them. This person has to work to be more positive if they want to work things out with you in the future. 

Queen Of Pentacles & Knight Of Cups 

couple holding hands

When the Queen of Pentacles card is paired with the Knight of Cups, this person sees you and your relationship through rose-colored glasses. They are deeply infatuated with you and see you as someone long-term. 

However, this person has put you on a pedestal and likely created an unrealistic image of you in their mind. It is up to you to make them realize that everyone is human and that an equal relationship where you both feel valued and appreciated is best. 

Queen Of Pentacles & Knight Of Swords 

When the Knight of Swords is drawn with the Queen of Pentacles from a tarot deck, this signifies that this person is definitely interested in you but wants to keep their cool at the same time. 

They may be insecure about fully opening up, so they sometimes act like it’s all fun and games. They see you as the perfect match for them, but the uncertainty and fear of vulnerability are holding them back. 

Just give them some time, and you’ll see that once they have the urgency to make a move, they won’t let the opportunity slip by. 

Queen Of Pentacles & Seven Of Cups 

When paired with the Seven of Cups, the Queen of Pentacles represents someone who wants to find true love but wants to be 100 percent sure about the other person first. 

They daydream about you and see you as someone who could fit this role, but they’ll approach your whole situation with caution.  

Queen Of Pentacles & The Fool 

The Fool tarot card represents someone with a very playful, mischievous energy. When paired with the Queen of Pentacles, this could be someone who sees you as fun and adventurous and believes that they’ve met their mirror soul on earth in you. 

This person is absolutely crazy about you and can’t wait to conquer the future with you!  

They likely would want to take things slowly at first, so give them lots of space and stay grounded whenever you’re apart. This will make them crave your fun energy and get them excited for your next quality time together. 

Queen Of Pentacles & Seven Of Swords 

The Queen of Pentacles and the Seven of Swords represent someone who has gone through painful experiences in their life, so they’re wary of someone’s intentions. This is the universe telling you to make this person feel like they can trust you by becoming their friend. 

Once you’ve shown them that you are someone who won’t take advantage of them, they’ll peel back the layers and show you their most vulnerable and emotional side, which will bring you two closer.  

What The QOP Means In Love & Relationship 

couple hugging on a mountain

The Queen of Pentacles is a very positive card in love and relationships. It means someone generous and welcoming – someone who does their best to make you happy. 

If you are in an existing relationship, this tarot card shows nothing but positivity between you and your partner. Perhaps it’s time to take that luxurious break if you’ve been working hard — you and your partner deserve it! 

On the other hand, single people might find that this tarot card embodies someone with similar traits. This tarot reading could be about someone new you know who’s generous, caring, and accommodating. 

Some Important Queen Of Pentacles Tarot Card Combinations 

  • QOP and Hierophant: A traditional family or a married woman 
  • QOP and Chariot: A courageous, adventurous woman  
  • QOP and Temperance: Symbol of owning new land or property 
  • QOP and Death: Lack of stability 
  • QOP and Star: The seeker is on the right path, and hard work and positive affirmations will move them forward 
  • QOP and World: Traveling and finding direction in another part of the world 


Can you use the Queen of Pentacles for your ex?

Yes, the Queen of Pentacles can be used for your ex. This card signifies someone who did their best to make you happy and comfortable. If you’ve recently split up, this is their wake-up call to realize what an amazing gem you truly are. 

Does the Queen of Pentacles only indicate feelings?

No, the Queen of Pentacles does not only indicate feelings. This card can represent a mother figure in your life who is extremely nurturing and attentive to what makes you happy. 

Final Thoughts on the Queen of Pentacles as Feelings 

The Queen of Pentacles represents abundance, generosity, and warmth. 

The Queen of Pentacles as feelings in tarot card meanings can be used to describe a motherly figure who’s very attentive to your needs. 

In a personal life or love reading, this can be used to describe someone who wants to impress you with what they have. However, they have likely placed you on a pedestal and have an unrealistic view of you. It is up to you to remind them that a relationship where both parties are appreciated is best. 

If the Queen of Pentacles shows up in reverse, it could be someone who is extremely insecure and jealous. They are constantly anxious about their place in your life and are often worried that you’ll leave them for others who can offer you much more. 


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