Fear Love: The Steve Karp Interview (Part I of II)

September 19, 2010

I first met Steve Karp around 1996 while getting tattooed at Kustum Kulture of Plainville, CT & remember liking him immediately. Steve is a super friendly, honest, smart & funny guy who’s been involved in the punk/hardcore scene since the 1980’s. Instead of trying to describe Steve more in my own words, I figure I’d let his Facebook bio do the talking; “hard-working jerk; probably despises you for something, real or imagined. I used to be cool, a few eons ago: I worked in tat2 shops, even co-owned one. I played in bands, recorded loud music, went on tours, lived in sweaty vans, created artwork for bands and shows and skateboard and bmx companies, tattooed all day and night… Now I’m the person I used to write punkrock songs about: married, routine job, house in the suburbs.”

 Steve’s band “Yuppicide” was signed to Wreck-Age Records for their first release in 1990 called “Fear Love” recorded with legendary producer Don Fury (Helmet, Sick Of It All, Quicksand). Yuppicide toured relentlessly throughout the East Coast as well as Europe due to huge demand (and great label support), establishing a widespread fan base and much deserved respect in the punk/hardcore scene. They called it quits in 1998 but have recently reformed, playing a few shows in New England and are already lined up with a European tour.

Steve graciously accepted my invitation to sit down and discuss his years in the Punk/Hardcore Scene, Tattooing, Religion, Bigfoot, Star Wars & more. The following interview was conducted on 9/16/10, on a cool, rainy evening at Steve’s home in a remote part of CT. It has been very slightly edited for content. 

The Steve Karp interview (more…)
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