10 Questions Series: Deva Premal & Miten

August 20, 2013 by Chris Grosso

Deva Premal & Miten


NAME: Deva Premal & Miten

BIO: Deva Premal & Miten began their journey into love and music in 1990 when they met at the ashram of controversial Indian mystic, Osho. Their worldwide concerts and best-selling albums have since introduced millions of Westerners to the joy and deep relaxation found in spiritually based songs and chanting mantras from the Eastern meditation traditions. 


Q: Who and or what, do you attribute the person you are today to?


DP: My father Wolfgang, who introduced me to Eastern spirituality from the moment I was born. My guru Osho who I found when I was 11 years old and who has been my guiding light since then. Also, my beloved partner Miten with whom I have shared my life with since we met 21 years ago.

M: Osho.


Q: What are some of the musical albums or musicians/bands that have impacted your life and in what way?


DP: The music that was so present in Osho’s ashram. I loved the communal singing and the evenings where we would gather simply to dance and sing – without talking, without drinking and smoking, simply connected in the bliss of celebration. For many years Miten was the inspiration and leader of the bands that would provide the music for those celebrations so his music has felt like home to me for a long time.

Apart from that the music of the kirtans of India (for example Jagjit Singh, Bombay Jayashree, O S Arun and many more) have been an inspiration and joy.

Bobby McFerrin has to be among my favourite musicians – his voice, his vision, his technique, is out of this world!!

M: Before I discovered meditation, I was inspired by rock music – the Beatles especially – growing up in the 60’s in London – the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were incredibly influential. Later I began to make my own music – which was based on songwriting and singing – and this sustained me through many difficult and hard times and gave me a very good career, playing at Wembley Arena opening for Fleetwood Mac. But eventually rock music lost its power over me – it began to feel self indulgent and masturbatory. When I discovered meditation, my musical tastes changed. I still love the Beatles but now I enjoy the music of Jagjit Singh and Bombay Jayashree – this is the kind of music I turn to now, when I need peace, solace, and inspiration.


Q: What is one of the most shocking experiences you’ve ever had?


DP: The realization of how unconsciously I live and sometimes and how unaware I am, given that I have devoted my life to awakening.

M: Leaving my son when he was 2 years old. It was a classic case of the marriage having run its course. There comes a time in our lives when we’re faced with a life transforming decision. Mine was to leave the marriage and abandon the dream of being the father I thought I was going to be. It wasn’t an easy process – in fact it tore me in two. Only Osho’s guidance and meditations got me through. Wherever I found myself, in India, or anywhere else on the planet, I always maintained a connection with Sam. We became the best of long distance buddies, and everything fell into place a while back when he asked me to be the best man at his wedding. no amount of persuading him to have one of his buddies would change his mind. ‘I want you’ he said – and man, was that music to my ears! He now has two kids, one named Mylo Miten, the other Dylan Jack.


 Q: What is one of the most beautiful experiences you’ve ever had?


DP: More or less every moment of the last 21 years since meeting Miten!

M: Singing with Deva and being best friends with my son who is now 36 years old.


Q: What is one of the most defining moments in your life and why?


DP: When I was a teenager I lived in Osho’s ashram for a year and then decided to come back to Germany and finish my school education. Having tasted the freedom and bliss of living in the ashram it was difficult being back in the confines of the school system. I was counting the days and months until I could go back to India again. It was then I realized that I would never again, do things that I didn’t enjoy, in the moment. I didn’t want to live waiting for something to end. And although the realization feels more poignant now than then I have to say that since then I have been blessed to live a life that I thoroughly enjoy every moment of.

M: Meeting Osho. When you find yourself at the feet of an enlightened being, the energy transmission is unbelievable. It transforms your life, your intentions, your perceptions, your dreams – and you’re never the same again. This was – and continues to be – my experience of living with Osho.


Q: What do you believe are the benefit, if any, vs. the dangers of mind-altering drugs?


DP: Obviously, there are doors to show us the space beyond our minds and its limits. The danger is to get stuck in the door, and then benefit is that they can function as a reality check!

M: The benefits are many – taken in the right atmosphere these sacred plant substances, such as ayahuasca or marijuana can connect us deeply to Mother Earth – to all living creatures, to Mother Nature – to the sound of the wind, to the peaceful presence of our own hearts – the danger is that you may get lost in the wonder of it all.


Q: What are some films you’ll never forget seeing for the first time and why?


DP: A film I watched when I was a teenager a few times and haven’t been able to find since. It was called Lightyears Ahead and was about an unusual teacher living in a very obsolete place who was obsessed with wanting to fly. He died at the end of the movie when he finally managed to fly with his self-made flying device. I can just remember the sentiment. Living your passion even at the risk of life. Another movie I love is called Samsara. About a Tibetan monk’s journey into the worldly life and pleasures, the torments around that and that there is no black/white answer to how we deal with our desires – to repress them or to live them.

M: Hard Day’s Night – the Beatles  (a time of innocence)  / 2001 A Space Odyssey ( I was taking a lot of drugs back then and this film, along with the supporting feature Dark Star affected me greatly / The Goose is Out (a collection of spontaneous talks given by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh in the 70’s.)


Q: Does God exist and if so, in what capacity? If not, why not?


DP: I find the divinity in the way everything plays so perfectly together. In the way Miten and I were brought together even with our age difference and different backgrounds. In all the little ways that we experience every day where synchronicity is apparent. Those moments help me to trust the times things feel out of sync as well. To know that that is also part of the divine game. I would say Godliness exists.

M: Yes god exists – god is the air we breathe. god is….


Q: What do you think your greatest contribution to humanity is?


DP: To share the mantras with so many people who maybe wouldn’t have come in contact with them. We receive many messages from people sharing their gratitude for how the mantras and our music has transformed or healed them. Sometimes we also receive a message from someone who says that they were about to take their own lives and the mantras brought the light back into their soul. Then we feel that even just one of those would have made our lives worthwhile.

M: To always do my best.


Q: What does the human experience mean to you?


DP: A very enjoyable, colourful, amazing opportunity to learn the lesson of Love.

M: Always doing my best.

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Chris Grosso is a writer, public speaker, mental health youth group facilitator, and author with Simon & Schuster. He also writes for Revolver Magazine, Fangoria, and has spoken at a bunch of fancy-schmancy festivals and conferences (as well as even more events that were significantly less than fancy-schmancy). Chris's podcast, The Indie Spiritualist, is hosted on Ram Dass's Be Here Now Network.
  1. Sunita says:

    Thank you for DP and M.’s biolographical dialogue. I just saw them two days ago
    And bought more of their newer material for healing! I never quite
    Met up with their humility and service Sung and played to us Gods and Godesses within, as they
    Showed us September 15, 2016 one day before the Lunar Eclipse yesterday afternoon
    In Sarasota Florida. Thank you for the blog.