12 Step Yoga for the Soul

July 1, 2013 by Chris Grosso

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12 Step Yoga for the Soul
Heal Your Addictions Weekend

March 28th – 30th, 2014
Sedona Mago Retreat, Sedona Arizona
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By PhillyT

Yoga has been my Dream Come True in recovery! When I first got clean and sober, I needed to get my life together. I had been living unconscious for so long, I did not know how to maintain friendships, jobs or any sort of discipline in my life. I took pride in being a “rolling stone”; that I could fit everything I owned into my little Toyota station wagon and take off whenever and wherever I wanted. I would constantly cancel plans with friends, or worse yet, make plans with more than one person, only to choose the plan I liked the best. Then stand up or cancel with the others. I had no long term friendships with woman. The only way I knew how to have a relationship with a man was sexual. Slowly, I began rebuilding my world. I found an amazing man in the program who respected and cared deeply for me, landed a challenging job that paid really well and began building my support network of recovering woman. 

In The RoomsAt 10 years clean and sober my life was full! I was climbing the corporate ladder, married to that amazing man I met in recovery with two young children, ages 4 & 5. Through all this, I managed to keep my recovery a priority. Without my program, I would not have all the blessings this life. However, it was stressful…..

My neighbor told me about yoga classes that were offered at my local gym twice weekly. I was hooked from the first class! For one and one half hours, my monkey mind was focused, calm and the worries of my full clean life were suspended. The 12 steps of recovery seemed to dovetail perfectly with the practice of yoga. One day my yoga teacher asked me to sub one of her classes. From the moment I began to teach, I felt like I had been doing it forever. It felt so comfortable to me.

I now am in long-term recovery, and have been a yoga instructor for over 15 years. My dharma, or spiritual path in life is service. (Step 12) That is crystal clear to me. I developed the 12 Step Yoga for the Soul:Heal Your Addictions workshop to share my experiences and shine the light for others in recovery so that they may find their paths.

Please join me, PhillyT, with my soul partner / husband, R.T., co-founder of InTheRooms.com for a magical weekend in the spiritual land of Sedona, Arizona! The Sedona Mago Retreat is 163 acres of pristine land surrounded by red rocks and powerful energy vortexes. It is a serene environment that will help you realize your true potential of mind, body & spirit. For more information, contact me, PhillyT here at InTheRooms.com or click to learn more about 12 Step Yoga for the Soul : Heal Your Addictions Weekend at the Sedona Mago Retreat.


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Chris Grosso is a writer, public speaker, mental health youth group facilitator, and author with Simon & Schuster. He also writes for Revolver Magazine, Fangoria, and has spoken at a bunch of fancy-schmancy festivals and conferences (as well as even more events that were significantly less than fancy-schmancy). Chris's podcast, The Indie Spiritualist, is hosted on Ram Dass's Be Here Now Network.