An Interview With Linda Howe, Founder Of The Center For Akashic Studies.

November 13, 2010 by Chris Grosso

  Life. Is. Changing. 

The Linda Howe Interview

TIS: What are the Akashic records and can you explain their relevance to our individual lives as well as the collective experience?

LH: Ok, that’s a great question. The Akashic Records is a vibrational archive of every soul and it’s journey. That is the most simple definition. Akasha is a Sanskrit word which means primary substance or, that from which all things are formed. A more sophisticated idea is that the Akashic Records is your soul level dimension of consciousness, and contains the vibrational archive of every soul and its journey, so we’re really talking about the soul level.

Everyone is in the record and every personal record has two main parts, the fixed or permanent part, and the evolving, changeable part. The fixed part I find particularly fascinating as it’s the blueprint or thumbprint of the soul. So it’s the pattern of who you are in essence of your being, and eternal nature, as you travel through space and time. So that’s fixed, it’s who you are and it’s not changing, which is good.

Now, what travels along with it, or is corresponding with it, is like a catalog. A catalog filled with the stories of lifetimes you’ve lived, through which, you come to know the truth about yourself. So it’s like you have this imprint, or soul print, of who you are, so on the soul level of the Akashic Records, each of us has the opportunity to come and know ourselves in truth, to really live from the essence of our soul which takes a long time. We’re infinite beings and that’s a good thing.

The journey is that we go from lifetime to lifetime becoming increasingly aware of our own essence, goodness, wholeness & wellness. And then what happens is we come to recognize that in others. Ultimately, when we look at the records of humanity, we see that we are all waking up to the truth of who we are. The same truth of essential goodness about one another, until we’re all in love with one another basically. That’s where we’re heading.

We all have a story. I have a story, you have a story, and what’s really fascinating is that the Akashic Records tells the story of who we are through time and space. It’s all about the human journey. The way I work in the records, and the way I teach people is that, it’s all about the soul and the human experience. So it’s not necessarily about other galaxies, though that type of activity certainly exists, but for our purposes, it doesn’t fit very well here.

One of the reasons the record is so valuable at this point and time is that this really is the new age. We talk about that all the time, and really what the new age is, is this is the first time in thousands of years that as human beings, we are coming to understand and identify ourselves distinct from traditional organized religions. This is a very big deal as you know and that’s what the new age is. It’s one of the fundamental understandings of what’s happening here. We are moving into the age of our own spiritual authority, the age of personal responsibility, and the age of spiritual entitlement, where each and every individual is entitled to a more conscious relationship with their own soul.

 The record is the perfect spiritual resource for that. The way I work in, and teach from the record is as a resource for personal empowerment and consciousness development. So it really is an infinite spiritual resource for spiritual practice as opposed to something like divination. People have worked in the records for thousands and thousands of years, and there are references to the records in some traditional religions, and that’s fine, but traditionally, the records have been the domain of mystics, scholars, saints and holy people.

The time we’re in however, is a really glorious spiritual revolution. It’s about secular people like us really stepping into a remarkable new opportunity to know the truth about ourselves and one another, without needing a whole church, any kind of church really. There’s none of that involved here. It’s so tremendous and exciting. Things are changing so rapidly, from globally to economically, governments & corporate structures etc. All of these things are falling away and can’t sustain us in these times of rapid awakening.

We’re talking about growing into a greater awareness, a more conscious relationship with our soul without intrusion. The age of the priest is over. It was a good run and got us here, but now it really is time for us individually and collectively, men and women, to actually step into the light of truth and live our lives as conscious soul beings, and personally, I’m thrilled about this.

In the last century, Edgar Cayce did a wonderful service for us all.  He was the first secular person to popularize the  Akashic Records as a healing resource in the west and people still really mind his work. He did wonderful, excavating work with the records. In his work however, Cayce was unconscious. He was in a deep trance, which was the best idea we had in the middle of the last century and Cayce really went out on a limb with it.

Today however, fifty or sixty years later, we’re able to access the records consciously. We don’t have to go into a trance. We can be awake, conscious, responsible and deliberate in our engagement of this resource. I mean you get it Chris, it’s unprecedented. It’s dramatic, exciting and empowering.

TIS: Wow, that’s pretty heavy but in a very promising way. Honestly, this is an area I’ve been interested in, but haven’t really researched much and believe this information can be very useful to myself, and others.

LH: That’s great, and the thing is Chris, here you are, on the path, you’re awake for heaven’s sake, and this is new to you as well. What I’d like to say about that is it’s not that it’s been here and you’ve been missing it, but my book is the first time access to the Akashic Records has been placed in the hands of secular people. This is my mission and my work, which I started doing consciously, deliberately & responsibly in 1994 and teaching in 1996.

There is no other book on how to do this. There is another wonderful book by a gentleman named Kevin Todeschi, but his book is about Edgar Cayce and the Akashic Record. And there are others like Dr Ervan Laslow, who wrote a book called Science and the Akashic Field: An Intergal Theory of Everything published by Inner Traditions, and it’s the first time scientists are stepping up to say, yes, this is real.

It’s the time we’re in, and so in my own work, practice and teaching, it’s very clear to me to make this resource available to anyone who wants it. I think it’s really important that we have good teachings, because we’re not going to pick this up from our parents, grandparents, neighbors or friends most likely. It’s really vital, if we are to move into this opportunity with dignity, and use it as a resource for our growth and development allowing us to really live the lives that express our innermost truth. That’s our goal here, and working in the records is a way of collapsing the gap between the soul known self, and who we express in the world.

The records are like a bridge of light, which facilitates that particular path of expression, the expression of greater truth in our lives. We’ve all certainly worked very hard to be more authentic, and genuine and to bring forward our own goodness and recognize it in others as well. I also like to think of this as a shortcut.  

TIS: I’m glad you mentioned your book, which is titled How to Read the Akashic Records and published through Sounds True as I wanted to ask if it’s really possible for someone with little to no knowledge of the Akashic records to be able to work in them from you books alone? (*Note- Linda also has another book being released in 2011 through Sounds True titled Healing Through the Akashic Records)

LH: Yes, definitely. That’s my intention and purpose. What I’ve seen and find to be another very interesting aspect is that I get letters every day from people all over the world. They’re picking up the book and realizing it’s deceptively simple, whereas prior to that, they believed the Akashic Records were some sort of occult thing they couldn’t access, like it belonged to some secret society or something.

The purpose of my first book was to make it very clear and simple so that people could really do it. Many people are drawn to this, and people often come to this work through an inner prompting. One of the things I’ve noticed in my own journey is that not everybody wants to do this, so that eliminates a lot of people right there.

All you need to be able to do this is a sincere desire of your heart, an ability to follow directions, and a willingness to be a beginner. Being on the spiritual path Chris, you understand that receptivity is the key to our growth. So let’s say you want to do this, and were willing to be a beginner, then you’re absolutely able to do it. Now don’t forget that no matter what, in order to have twenty years worth of experience, you have to practice it for twenty years, very much like meditation. But, if you’re willing to start at the beginning, you will be led.

Some people learn simply by reading the book while others learn by working with the audio set. Some people put the two together and some people come to an in-person class. A lot really depends on who you are and where you are in your life, as well as the rate at which you want to move and what’s comfortable for you. So there’s a lot of different ways to approach this and my commitment is to give you the tools you need so that you can find your way. So yes, absolutely you can learn this. I also do a free introduction call once a month on my website where people can call and address any questions they have. This is new and we all have a lot to learn together.

TIS: Very cool. I read an article you wrote addressing 2012 and its surrounding Doomsday Prophecy. Is it fair to say that something, whether it’s on a small scale or catastrophic level is going to happen?

LH: Yeah, well Chris, you can feel it. You’re really sensitive so it’s like woah. There’s a swelling, or gathering, or momentum underway. From a records perspective, what I have seen and identified is that we are already in the mix of the energies of 2012. I mean fundamentally, all hell is breaking loose. We see it in the government, we had that terrible oil spill, we’re seeing increases in tsunamis and earthquakes, and those terrible fires in Boulder. That is all a part of it.

One of the things that’s distinct about this is we are in a time of instantaneous global communication. We really are a global village, whereas in other times, there would be dramatic changes, but our communication was insufficient to keep others abreast. For a recent example, there were those poor miners who were trapped and we saw them climb out. That was amazing.

So one of the things that are happening is that the old ideas about being separate from one another, and isolated from one another, those false divisions are falling away. We are seeing that we really are family, in the best sense of the word, with one another.

And we see too, that the solutions to the problems we face, whether it’s that terrible oil mess, or fires etc, that the solutions are no longer on the shoulder of any one government, country or man. That it really is all of our survival and well being. At the level of the planets, it requires that we recognize our interdependence and interrelatedness, and actually operate on behalf of the whole and this new. As human beings, we have lived terrified of one another and now it’s very clear that we have to do this together, and it’s happening.

Take the support which Haiti received for example. Sure, we contributed a lot, but so many others from across the globe pitched in as well. When we see things like that happening now, the help is coming from all over the world. We’re seeing that our old ways of doing things aren’t working, and that’s what 2012 is all about. It’s about letting go of what no longer works so that new possibilities can emerge.

TIS: Ok, so the people portraying a horrible Doomsday scenario in their books and movies, whether consciously or not, are askew in their presentations?

LH: Don’t you love Hollywood? I have a teenage son so I know all about it. But here’s an example, I have a cousin who  lives in Boulder and her house recently burnt to the ground. To her, that is Cataclysmic. The people in Haiti who’ve recently endured so much, to them, that’s definitely Cataclysmic. The trapped miners and their families experience,  catastrophic.

However, with each of these situations and with every collapse, there emerges a new solution. It is a dramatic time. Some of us will be more impacted on the physical level than others. We aren’t all going to be impacted by hurricanes, but if you’re in the hurricane zone, get ready.

The earth always has storms. That isn’t unusual, but what is, is that we know about them far in advance now. This can be a wonderful growing experience, which will enable us to thrive and grow from these changes. We need to recognize though, that external supports, religions and practices will not be able to solely sustain us, and that each of us must find a way to be stronger and more resilient. This age calls for a very durable spirituality and not religiosity. Religiosity has been helpful to a lot of people, but it won’t be taking us into the future.

TIS: Sounds like we have some interesting times ahead of us. In closing, I’d like to ask you, through your work with the Akashic Records, what would you say the human experience is all about?

LH: That’s a wonderful question. In my own experience, as well as my work with others and the records themselves, I believe it’s about coming to our own goodness and healing our relationship with our self, regardless of our circumstances. What it’s really about is understanding that beneath it all, we are inherently good, as is everyone else. The human experience is really the opportunity to practice unconditional love, not just as an idea, but as a real tangible thing and extending to ourselves, as well as others, the benefit of the doubt, always holding out for the best possibilities.

I do not mean like Pollyanna, in a foolish sense, but really knowing that underneath it all, there is a love that connects us, and our relationships with others. It used to be that our relationships were based on geography and biology. Now, what we’re seeing in this new age, is that we’re related simply out of love, and that is the most magnificent possibility for us, both individually and collectively.

This awareness, the awareness of our own goodness, and the goodness of others, is what will enable us to ascend, and live our lives from an altitude where we see ourselves, and others, from a spiritual perspective. And this spiritual perspective is the perspective of wholeness, of wellness, and of goodness. So for me, that’s what it’s all about.

TIS: Beautifully said.

LH: Thank you.

TIS: Well thank you so much for your time. This has been a wonderful learning experience.

LH: Oh thank you, and you know Chris, I have to thank you for the wonderful questions. They were really thoughtful and I appreciate that. Thank you.

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  1. This is a research I am studying about the Akashic Records on all of our life stories. A would like to know how to access my records as I feel I have a great healing work to do upon this planet.

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