An Interview With CT’s Precise Piercing And Tattoo Owner, Little Joe.

October 29, 2010 by Chris Grosso

Precise Piercing And Tattoo is a bold name for a tattoo shop, one however, this shop definitely deserves. I speak from experience as I’ve had work done from two of their resident artists (one of whom recently relocated to Brooklyn, NY).  I’ve also known Joe Pantano (aka: Little Joe) since I first began going to Kustum Kulture Tattoo in Plainville, CT, where he used to work circa 1996.  When I think about Little Joe, the first thing that comes to mind is “work ethic”. That may not be the first thing popular society would associate with a body piercer or tattoo shop, and often, rightfully so, but Joe and the tattoo artists at his shop take their craft very seriously, like few others I’ve ever met. I’m proud to share some insight into the world of tattooing and piercing with CT’s own “Little Joe”.

The Little Joe Interview

TIS: I recently did an interview with Steve Karp of Yuppicide and Tattoo artist at Kustum Kulture where you used to work. He cited a large part of his leaving due to the growing clientele who would come in not respecting the art and tradition of tattooing, and some even bartering prices. Do you find a lot of that at your shop, and if so, how do you reconcile it with staying successful?

LJ: We get some people trying to pinch a penny, but not too many. In reality we all look for a bargain, but when it comes to something as permanent/personal as body art, there should be some serious common sense used. If someone gives me the opportunity to explain that I only use the highest quality jewelry, I take my craft serious, & only have their best interest in mind, then they usually end up getting the procedure done @ my place & are greatly appreciative, so that’s cool. After all, you get what you pay for no matter what it is!

TIS: What sets Precise apart from the majority of other shops out there?

LJ: We keep it clean – REAL clean, TRY to keep every client happy & don’t have the usual ego or unneeded bad attitude that most shops have in our industry.

 TIS: On any given day, what bands/musicians may one hear on rotation at your shop?

LJ: Oh man that’s a wide array, it goes from KRS-One to Black Sabbath, Buddy Guy to The Cramps, DJ Shadow to Deadbolt, Lee Scratch Perry to Madball to Ministry & everywhere in between. I try to keep all listening tastes satisfied.

TIS: How do you choose which artists work at your shop?

LJ: They have to realize how important their position is, not only to the shop, but more importantly, to the client. I mean, they have to realize that the client’s health & well being are in our hands! If an artist has the attitude that it’s only a tattoo, then it just tells me that they’re not taking their craft seriously & that person wouldn’t fit in @ Precise.

TIS: If someone is coming in for their first tattoo or piercing, what do they need to know ahead of time?

LJ: They must have state issued photo IDs, be mentally prepared, be 100% positive with their decision on what they’re having done, be able to care for it properly, & enjoy their experience.

Precise Artist Andrew Green

TIS: In the years I’ve know you, it’s always seemed like you’re one step ahead of the game. What have you been learning about or implementing in your practice lately?

LJ: I’ve been concentrating on being consistent with the procedures that work, not the stuff that’s risky or gonna put my clients in harm’s way. I’m not a trophy hunter or gineua pig handler.

TIS: Anything you’d like to add in closing I didn’t cover?

LJ: Precise is a high end piercing & tattoo shop. I will order jewelry that is a perfect fit so it looks & fits exactly how it should. The tattoo artists will customize tattoos so it’s a personalized piece of art, not a stamp that everyone has.

Precise Piercing And Tattoo Is Located At 425 New Britain Ave, Newington, CT 06111. 860-666-6688. Shop Hours are Mon-Sun 12pm-8pm.

Visit Precise Piercing And Tattoo’s Website Here!

Visit Precise Piercing And Tattoo’s Facebook Page Here!


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  1. Gwen says:

    Where is Little Joe now?? His shop is closed 🙁